Review – Sonic Booms To Consider

watch Here at Wandering Bears there aren’t many fresh faced institutions that we admire more than Copenhagen based publishers and curators Lodret Vandret. Founded in 2010 by Johan Rosenmunthe & Flemming Ove Bech, the Danish publishing house Vandret have spent the last two years producing beautifully designed books / posters / newspapers and other varying printed matter. Lodret Vandret’s freedom and approach to photography is one that strongly resonates with us at WB, not simply defining themselves strictly as photographic publishers: ‘Lodret Vandret is a bicephalous initiative showcasing new, lens based art.

follow link Lodret is a non-profit exhibition platform through which site-specific installations negotiate relationships between a given three-dimensional space and featured works of art. Vandret is an independent imprint publishing editioned works, challenging the form of mainstream art monographs and catalogs bestowing equal value to the exquisitely produced hard cover and things light and ephemeral. It appears very exciting times at Lodret Vandret having only this month just released three brand new publications, each looking as excellent as the next. At Wandering Bears, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy of Sonic Booms To Consider. Following their previous publication, the visually elegant and thoughtfully captivating Hired Hand (2012), Sonic Booms To Consider looks to further pursue and develop this eloquent mix of stock and found imagery, with a twist of additional artist imagery and 3D renderings. With such cultured curational eyes of Ove Bech & Rosenmunthe, the huge potential within this simple editing process has been accurately judged. On opening the publication, this appears at first an unassuming and subtle experience. From the softly spoken front cover, to the lightly textured matt paper in which the images are printed on, Sonic Booms To Consider is not a publication for those who want to be directed, but for those who tend to consider. With no introduction and no instant contextualisation to lead you and guide you ahead, you are simply invited to make what you will. Accrediting the audience with a level of intelligence and one that does not require any hand holding throughout, the experience gained while viewing Sonic Booms is both engaging and aesthetically stimulating. Essentially what is a collection of found images, bar two (photographed by the publishers themselves), the audience is shown a fine collection of intriguing and tantalizing scenes somewhat discretely pointing you toward the direction of the speed of sound. The considered edit, quality and layout of the photographs within, prompt the audience to question the images authenticity, with found, manipulated and original content challenging to differentiate, combining in a rhythmic blend of the vernacular and scientific, Sonic Booms To Consider is a publication that I find myself mystified  puzzled and excited by, an always special, but increasingly rare combination. Buy it here.

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