Sunny Side Up / Thobias Fäldt

What better way to start the countdown and get folks excited than by showing work from Thobias Fäldt. A major inspiration to us all here at WB, we were stoked when we asked Tobias if he would like to submit and he kindly obliged. I’m just going to show you one of the pics he sent and the rest you are going to have and come and see live and direct in 10 days time!

Here’s a reminder of what ‘Sunny Side Up’ (the exhibition that we are putting on at Margate) is all about…

The exhibition looks to collect and display the everyday snap shots we take which inspire, intrigue or are simply taken because it feels right. Capturing these configurations, formations or simple moments on our cameras work as an addition to our visual sketchbooks that are so often referenced to develop new ideas and form new bodies of work.
The Wandering Bears intend to collect these images and share them with a larger audience. Many of these images sit on hard drives or mobile phones, rarely seen or shared. We now want you to dust off your hard drives and send in your hidden gems so we can transform them into prints for the exhibition.