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source With every new post on Wandering Bears, there is a battle of the shameless and self indulgent. Priding ourselves on recognizing the real value and worth of the ‘Like‘, appreciating it’s immediate satisfaction, but realising it’s lacking credibility when compared toward ‘real world’ acknowledgments and recognition. However sadly, this does not stop us grinning from ear to ear whilst reviewing a newly published post ascend and rise toward the very summit of the WB ‘Like’ graph, but always falling short of the magical and glorious 52 that once was. Having only just stumbled across Arnaud Lajeunie’s work, I was immediately blown away and stunned by the diverse and elegant variety of work on display. I cant remember the last time I was so taken back when discovering new work. If this doesn’t make the magic 52, then we might as well just pack up and start posting stuff like this.

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