Blog / Beth Saunders I feel by the brief encounter with Beth Saunders and by looking through her blog that she is like the many hundreds of graduates out there that have found the adaptation from University to the ‘real world’ a process that changes your practice, be that the approach or what you may have previously thought photography was to you. Having experiences this myself I think it is safe to say this is something every graduate will go through. And the most important part of this process is getting through it and getting back into that grove you were able to create whilst at University…Saunders has got back to taking pictures and here is what she has to say about her favourite piece to date…

follow site “This series has been a seasonal exploration, documenting the movements of objects in this wood throughout the space of a year, without revealing the cause of their presence.  Every time I returned to this land I would feel a sigh of relief if the objects had not moved. But at the same time, I felt sympathy for such objects, for not being in their natural setting.”   buy zithromax 250mg UK

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