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buy doxycycline hyclate 100mg capsules Another art-book fair came to my NYC – art – book fair radar during the first weekend of November located right in the middle of the Chelsea gallery area. This fair was an “edition art-book fair”, which means you will find only special editions and rare artist books. This one was tiny, cozy and more specialized as well as being a bit old fashioned compared to the NYC art-book fair in MOMA PS1 last september, which I wrote about before. “Thinking in pictures” is a huge book by Dutch artist Robin Waart. For the book he collected 500 movie stills in which it shows a moment where someone says:

can you take bactrim with grapefruit juice ciprofloxacin used for epididymitis  “What do you think?” or “What are you thinking?” 

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click here The stills are presented in chronological order from the moment the sentence was said.
The first film was: Le livre de Marie  and its moment was @ 00.00.54.

see url The last film was: Lawrence of Arabiawhere the sentence was said after more than 3 hours, exactly @ 03.42.17.

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The beautiful thing about the book is the enormous gap which is filled with white pages. Most films have a general length of 90/100 minutes with the question often appearing before this time. But with films of a longer length you have to wait a very long time until the question will be asked……. In the last film, Lawrence of Arabia, the question arises after 3 hours and 42 minutes. Because the stills are placed on the pages of the book within the idea of an exact time line, there’s a gap full of white pages before the last still finds its right place on the paper.



Robin Waart starts his book with a quote by Andy Warhol: “Apparently, most people love watching the same basic thing as long as the details are different.”

Last week David Senior, head of the MOMA library showed me some rare artistbooks at the library and I found among others Andy Warhol’s INDEX book in collaboration with Stephen Shore.

Something completely different, but I want to show you the lovely 2d/3d playful struggle, which is managed in a wonderful way in this book…



Something just fun and cool comes always from California!

Check out: Christian Holstad: Fellow Travellers



Some, (not all) wonderful BLUE ZINES by “Je suis une bande de jeunes”:  little bookzines dedicated to 1 photographer per edition, unfortunately they are all out of print, but you can check them out HERE.



zithromax cost without insurance A Message from the Sculptors Gilbert & George by Gilbert & George is a 204 x 127 mm embossed card with collage and elements of the artists’ make uphairtobacco ashcoat, shirt and breakfast, from 1970, including a few small black and white photographs of the artists’ performances.



And last but definitely not least….The French artist Laurence Aëgerter made this dyptich booklet titled  “Tristes Tropiques: Illustrations Hors Texte” while she was doing a 6 week artist residency called SYB, which is based in the tiny, little and quite boring village Beetsterzwaag in the Netherlands. In the spring/summer of 2007 I also did this residency, it was my first one ever. It is a very good place to concentrate on your work, especially compared to the hectic and very intense NYC. You can see that Laurence worked very focused together with Ronald van Tienhoven on this beautiful project, resulting in this artist book. They recreated the photographic supplement of the book Tristes Tropiques (1955) by the French cultural anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss.? His photographs were made of the Brazilian tribes where as Laurence recreated this photographs together with a group of inhabitants from the Dutch village Beetsterzwaag. I can imagine the process of a project like this can be hard, because you have to convince people from quite a conservative village to model naked in nature. I’ve heard, that it actually went quite well because maybe Beetsterzwaag is one of the few places on earth where there is something like: a social community feeling. Villagers told her: ‘As long as your project will be successful and helped her, which is einfach GREAT! Kudos to Laurence!’

Thank you to my sources for this blogpost…
Johan Deumens, a gallerist specialized in artistbooks and editions, based in Haarlem in NL, and David Senior from the MOMA library!