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buy azithromycin in EU online Some time ago I carefully browsed through the ZINE section in Dashwood bookshop in Bondstreet in NYC. There I found a very trashy copy of  “A color study” nr 13 out of the edition 25, which immediately got my attention. The very simple little zine is carefully made and hand bound with love. It exists out of 11 analogue photos and is an extremely funny and at the same time a disgusting attempt to perceive what color is physically. The zine is dedicated to the quote by the color-expert of all times: Josef Albers (“We never really perceive what colour is psychically”) This zine is published by The Scratch Press, which publishes books in very limited-editions of 25 and Blaise is one of the initiators of this initiative.  


augmentin cheap online I am happy I found Blaise Cepis and learned more about his work. Blaise lives in New York too so we recently met and discussed his work last week. Blaise does not consider himself as a photographer. He never studied photography and has not exhibited his own photographs yet. I think therefor, Blaise has a very natural and simple approach towards how he uses the medium of photography. He says about his work the following: “I put out stuff that makes me happy. I want every picture I take to represent a moment in which I was having fun while taking it. I try to edit the work down to make it feel like it represents the happiest time on earth.” These words of Blaise and the zine ‘a color study’ made me also think of the Dutch photographer Jaap Scheeren, with whom I collaborated as a duo from 2004 till 2007. I think it is worth checking out: Fake Flowers in Full Colour by Jaap Scheeren + Hans Gremmen. You will find immediately an interesting photo collective from Amsterdam, which is called: FW:  ran by a few photographers and the accurate and superb graphic designer Hans Gremmen.

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Back to Blaise Cepis: His daily photos on his tumblr blog are almost all full of ENERGY. They are a mix of fun, love, darkness and the mystical! Every picture is explosive and while this is something one might know for distortion, Blaise turns it into beauty somehow. Although I really don’t believe a photo shows reality. With his work I almost start believing in it…. Blaise comes so close to everything he photographs and by doing this he makes the spectator of his photos almost psychically experiencing the scene which is visible in his photos. By looking at his photos I nearly re-lived the memory the photo is carrying. I made a compilation of photos from Blaise, after discussing this with him. I think his presentation can be better in order to associate to his work. As well I did not pick out a lot of the naughty naked party pics, because I am not interested in this kind of photos so much.

taking amoxicillin and drinking alcohol Blaise Cepis’ titling is RAD! (from radical, newest hipster word for cool in NYC)

His titling is sometimes even better than his images. Something which i feel deserves a place on its own. Lets see in the future, but in the mean time please check the titles and the other works out here: By making this blogpost, one of the first things I thought: “Why is Blaise Cepis not published in the SPBN (self publish be naughty) publication?” The publication SPBN came recently out by SPBH and looks in the first place as a nicely printed magazine with too many photos in it. My friend and classmate Andrew Moynehan edited together with the initiator of SPBH named Bruno Ceschel .
Every photographer / every person probably has a file on the computer with his or her secret naughty pictures in it: Intimate photos, which never really find a destiny. The file your intern should not find. I like the fact of this hidden naughty pictures in the secret files with weird names like: oeioei or ahhhhh or nohoho or potato or ohlala. I think: leave the intimate pictures in the hidden files…SPBH thought lets make an open call and drag all this naughty pictures out of the secret files… And what they did with the photos they collected is truly really cool! Especially because of the design, which is the strongest part of the publication. You can take out all the single photographs, which suggests you can play with it as in: “Make your own naughty photo installation out of the photographs you like on your wall at home!”  Also very social, something like catering for all tastes….Underneath you’ll find my installation and the black elastic object where the loose pages are bound with.

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