Blog – Qiu Yang

The Netherlands seem to be pretty unavoidable these days at WB. Having first discovered Beijing born – Amsterdam based photographer Qiu Yang’s work at last year’s Plymouth Photo Book Fair hiding within the wonderfully curated and beautifully designed Archivo publication. A topic so often debated and thoroughly discussed  within the WB team; what makes this and other such work so undeniably ‘Dutch‘. Is it the clinical lighting? Is it the playful subject’s? Is it the vivid backgrounds and gradients? Undeniably there is no scripted / uniformed ‘look’ for a nationalities’ creative output, but connotations of ‘Swiss‘, ‘Swedish‘ & ‘American‘ photography seem respectively plentiful and instantly recognizable. Is it simply referring to what the viewer believes to be the most ‘significant / talented’ artist or photographer from that specific environment that moulds these associations and preconceptions?  If any writers would like to tackle this subject please get in touch. Answers on a postcard to –