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click here I took great pleasure in editing Stephen Cuss’s images. Not not only do I think his photographs are great, but he also happens to be one of WB’s closest friends. Stephen’s eye for an image never ceases to amaze me, he is a modern day documenter. Having travelled all over the world together, Stephen is always the guy who returns home with the most memorable photographs, captured at the absolute perfect moment. He has a confidence and care free attitude whilst shooting that enables him to get images that others can’t, it’s like the camera has is an extension of his body, if you are doing something interesting or are somewhere new, then you bet Steve will have his camera around his neck…nerd. The images below come from his blog where underneath each picture he titles them i.e: Heathrow – Paper or Barbados – Legs, this simple location and object tagging has become addictive and I enjoy seeing where Steve has been and what he has seen. So if you see a tall guy with curly hair taking some pictures it’s probably Steve. I now strongly recommend browsing through his blog and experiencing Steve’s world.  


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