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cost of amoxicillin UK Hello Everyone. I’m very happy to be part of this Wandering Bears Special USA platform. To settle the environment and talk about where I come from, here is a few words about me. I’m french but I’ve lived in New york for more than 2 years and travelled a lot since 2002, getting inspired by every places I went to in the world, led by a passion: images. I present myself as an image maker, I’m not exactley what you would call a typical photographer because my practice founds itself in fine art photography. Nevertheless, when I take pictures, I do it with a compact 35mm that follows me everywhere, bouncing in my purse 24/7 since forever. I also use an old middle format studio polaroid cause I’m looking for the uniqueness of a picture, the relationship with the photographic object.

buy metronidazole UK online I will talk about the people I’ve met during my american period, those few creative persons who have a sharp view on photography and image making, on the power of a single picture, on the emotions a photograph can still give you, on how to show, broadcast, exhibit, share photographic energies,…

source site This Sunday’s post is about 4 young photographers I deeply respect as fellow artists, people I met along the way, good friends or vague acquaintances, who work(ed) in America but come from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Please check their websites, go deeper in your interest about their work and tell them you like them, we’re never told enought that we’re loved. Ok, Ok… I included myself but it’s for you to know where I come from!!

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