#BPF / WB Meets Brighton Photo Fringe Debate Time

click here On Friday we posted the 5th installment from our WB X BPF debate series featuring styling grand poobah Simon Foxton. Having collaborated with iD, Vogue and The Face Magazine, not to mention photographers such as Jason Evans & Nick Knight this man sure knows a thing or two about photography! So here’s what went down:


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source url “What effects (if any) are popular sites like Tumblr & Flickr having on the way we regard and consume imagery?” – Simon Foxton.

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http://www.digistorytelling.com/?d=buy-zithromax-250mg-Canada As always we received an incredible range of contrasting thoughts! Below are some of our favourite responses:

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follow link @andreybogush – ‘Images become more influenced by other images in the flow getting out of their private(initial?) contexts(author/project/etc).’

http://www.digistorytelling.com/?d=ampicillin-prices-UK @heyangella – ‘It seems to encourage innovation, to create for intrinsic pleasure because its already understood that everything has been done.’

bactrim prices US ?@oliverudy – ‘Tumblr in particular brings the skill of the editor to the forefront.’

see url ?@hellobrucebruce – ‘Tumblr/flickr are pretty sordid, the speed and ease with which you can filter through so many images – i don’t think its necessarily conducive to making the best work, or seeing the medium in its best light having said that, i’m obsessed with it and it is directly affecting the images i make right now.’

buy antibiotics online free shipping Ben Scattergood – ‘Little change in the way we regard them? Less focus on tangibility, but no change in quantity consumed?’

http://www.digistorytelling.com/?d=bactrim-cheap-Australia Matthew Colquhoun  – ‘I think there’s something quite “Sebaldian” about them, Tumblr in particular. This is something I’ve only just started to research myself, but in regards to the work of W.G. Sebald they consist of “remembered meetings, fragments from books and plays, photographs and paintings; a cut and paste of cultural and personal memory.” The last sentence being particularly apt, I think, for Tumblr. These were things explored by others, most notably Proust for example, but Sebald was the first modern writer to incorporate his own images and with a specific agenda; as a compliment to his text instead of replacing it.’

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köpa keflex på nätet lagligt Don’t forget to check out today’s debate!