Class of 2011 / James Barnard

buy flagyl 200mg Canada The Falmouth kids are on fire right now! Lots of interesting work coming out of that small south western town. Here we have some images from ‘soundimage‘ and ‘interaction‘ a video installation from James Barnard, both projects use sound and images to create a piece that goes beyond a photograph on a wall and a ‘picture’ as we know it. Here’s what he has to say about what he has created and the process involved:
“To make them I wrote a program to take audio input and apply the values to 250,000 individual pixels, drawing white to black, so the image is entirely made up of non edited audio data.” – soundimage


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buy cipro in Mersin Turkey Degree Show:
University College Falmouth
Private View – 23rd June, Show – 24th June to 27th June / 2011
Free Range
The Truman Brewery, F Block B4