Review / Clinic II

azithromycin price NZ Clinic II is a small paper back that very elegantly through some fine editing skills combines poetry and visual arts. I decided to review this little number whilst travelling west on a long train journey and it was the perfect time passer. Now I’m no poet so remember I’m reviewing this as a photographer, right!? Whilst reading through the various poems it becomes evident that this books makes you want to spend time with it and you find yourself staring at pictures which act as breaks to the poetry just read whether you’ve processed it or not.

azithromycin 250 mg cost Whilst browsing and feeling like I should start writing some poems of my own I came across a very intriguing and slightly dark series by Patrick Tsai, a lovely break and visual stimulation. The wonderful uniqueness that Clinic provide is this integration; visual artists are able to engage with the written arts, and the writers are able to explore the visual pieces you find intertwined throughout this book. I spent more time looking at the images in what is essentially a book full of poems, then I would in a gallery or photo book, interesting thought eh?


azithromycin price Australia Here, one of my favorite lines from the selection that are well worth a read….

follow site An expected future event – Rachel Allen ‘…I will always speculate on my first child’s name we will practise signatures privately and watch each other sleep planes will crash a woman called Marie will remain childless no matter what she spends on rap music will remain misogynistic..’

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p.s how bad ass is that collie picture right!

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