Review / Foam Issue 28 – Talent 2011

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see url Once again this year’s edition of Foam Magazine’s Talent, exhibits an incredible cross section of worldwide emerging photographers, described by the Foam writers as “an annual overview pointing to the developments, trends and themes that are of particular importance to this new generation”. Selecting a broad range of bright new talents such as Lucas Blalock, Fleur van Dodewaard and for me, most significantly; Ina Jang. With every instalment of the Foam Talent backlog, i find myself blown away by one artist in particular, 2009 it was Anouk Kruithoff, 2010 Kim Boske and 2011 i find myself intrigued by the images of South Korean, Ina Jang. To this point Ina’s work has much been sited undoubtedly she is, as labeled by Foam and many other institutions such as Hyères Festival; an emerging talent. Her work inspires me not to pick up a camera, but to further consider the possibilites once the images have been taken.

follow A trend i have been becoming more aware of and seemingly more apparent, is the willingness photographers seem to pursue when experimenting with digital manipulation, one i find myself also drawn toward as a practitioner. Highlighting the work of Lucas Blalock, Andrey Bogush & Ina Jang within the issue, all of which are pioneers of this digital adventure, this edition as does every other Talent instalment, accurately represents a snap shot of the year 2011 within the photographic community, highlighting what Foam feels are the significant subjects for contemporary photographers and their photographic approach. go here  

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