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cost of azithromycin NZ Now then, I thought it was time for another review. As I write I am unsure if I am reviewing a person or his books, but maybe that provides a brief insight into the energetic photography enthusiast that is Kevin Beck. Kevin is a multi talented individual, you just need to click on one of his many websites and realise that he has slotted quite nicely into our digital era, creating sites, running social medias, dabbling in graphic design and most notably (for me) taking photographs. And it’s his photographic prowess that I wanted to share and discuss.

does grapefruit interfere with cipro I have had the pleasure of meeting Kevin a few times over the past year, I think every time that I met him i’ve walked away with a brand new publication of Kevin’s. I feel this perfectly illustrates what type of photographer Kevin is. I’m not talking about his photographic aesthetic or any heavy conceptual identity because I think Kevin would be the first to agree he is not that sort of photographer. Instead I’m talking about that initial desire and excitement we all poses when we first pursue an education in the arts, but  most significantly Kevin still seems to retain and enthuse. I have no doubt that this inspiring attitude was instilled and developed during his education at the University of the Creative Arts, Farnham. This guy isn’t about original print runs or white gallery walls, he takes photos because he loves to. Ever present, this passion applies to his book making process churning them out, sometimes at a rate of one a week!


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I think this approach of fast turnover suits Kevin down to a tee. I think I am right in saying that he once told me he gets bored with a project if he is doing it for more than a week. I’ve selected some of my favourite spreads from 4 of Kevin’s books he has kindly given me since I have known him. I don’t think these books need a review they just need to be enjoyed, and if you don’t like the first one you see then pick up another then another because I can guarantee you there will be one you will have enjoyed by the end.

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order azithromycin online Australia I love simple little touches you find in these edits, like the blue dot in the corner of this page.  

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The beauty about these books is Kevin doesn’t really sell them, that isn’t the reason they are produced, you are more likely to get a copy if you are having a nice chat and a beer in some cosy pub. I love this about Kevin’s work, he may produce a whole lot of work  but getting hold of one isn’t too easy. I hope I have many more beers with Kevin… and his books!

Kevin can be found on numerous sites but here are the key ones…he was heavily involved putting this bookshow on at last year’s Open ’11 in Brighton.


Some of his photos can be found here on what can only be described as a genius website.

And if that isn’t enough check what else Kevin can do here.