Review / Martin Seeds & Josef Konczak

go to site Today we are taking a look at a book that was given to me a while back by two Brighton graduates Martin Seeds & Josef Konczak. The title of the book is ‘Where Will You Spend Eternity’ and I asked myself that exact question everytime I turned the page, where will I spend eternity?  Vol.1 consists of images from two independent projects, shot by the artists in Poland, Germany, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

go to link The book is cold and purposely uninviting, pictures of faces full bleed seem to stare straight through you, ‘where am I going to spend eternity?’ that question unlike any other title sticks in my head. The combination of found imagery and otherwise works well throughout, the edit seems confused but I enjoy this as it makes me think this book is from another time. This isn’t a book that you are suppose to love but instead it’s a time capsule of imagery combined together to mean something, which in return makes this a very thought provoking book.  Since receiving this book I have to keep picking it up to remind me what it is all about. I think that is a fantastic quality.

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