Review – Thomas Humery

So if you hadn’t realised yet Friday posts are the best and that’s because i’m posting and shit gets real, and to back the chat i’m dropping a great review that will inspire you to go and take photographs or make a book or go and shoot a video or whatever creative urge you have to go and fulfil. Up Steps Thomas Humery and his brand new publication ‘Tropism’. I was really excited to get this one through the post, being aware of Thomas’s work for some while I was intrigued to see what I would be getting. I have a habit of not reading about projects, I don’t really buy into the spill that some artists connect with their work and I much prefer to take on my own emotions and aspiration when entering another photographers world. And what I got with ‘Tropism’ was a journey, a journey of self exploration and experience, a journey of both emptiness and fullfilment. With the colour stripped back, the blue skies and green fauna so often recognisable with the American conquest have gone, providing an engagement beyond the simplistic portraits of numerous females encounters and the odd still life.

Close to the end of the book writes a checklist which includes words such as blond girl, blue pools, rootbeer, sunset and forest, maybe this reflect the piece of the puzzle that had push Thomas towards tropism, and with this on the following page the black and white risographed book is uplifted by a beautiful colour print stuck on a page, something of a poetic ending to a curiosity that had been fulfilled.

As written in the foreword of the book…

‘A hidden force is guiding your footsteps.

You don’t know where you are going, to the light or to the darkness.

The force is way too strong and it’s like you are no longer in control.’

Maybe my naive process of engaging with books and work will often lead me down the wrong path and far from what the work actually represents, but I very much enjoyed this photographers assemblement of images, a proces that is a lot harder then one can imagine before they have made their own book. Thomas’s outcome is simple and lasting. I look forward to putting that print up on my wall.