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source link One of the best photographic based apps to come out and genuinely inspire and add intrigue to a generation of photographers has to be Instagram. In the photographic channels you rarely find someone one who hasn’t heard of it and if not using the picture loving ap. The app gives you moments within your day to day to get you image fix. Whatever you stream be it that you follow selfies, plates of food, girls, boys or just the photographers you admire, for those few minutes of browsing you can be transported into someones world and see what they are up to.

http://www.ptm.org.pl/?y=generic-antibiotics-prices For us here at WB we have been trying to figure out for years a way to include the large amount of followers we have spread all over the world to contribute to and inspire others through the use of our online platforms. We have had guest bloggers, group shows and at the very beginning of WB all those years ago we had something called Pass the Picture. This was where we would post a picture online, then someone would respond by sending us their picture and so forth until we had this long line of images that had been created by a response to the previously posted image. So when Instagram came about we thought what a great opportunity it could be to give the followers and fellow photographers the chance to take over our feed and share their images with other like minded followers. It felt like we finally had found that outlet to interact and maintain a constant stream of imagery.

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cost of cipro without insurance Like with all new platforms it will undoubtedly have its peak so for the meantime lets ride the Instagram wave and enjoy the takeovers.

http://www.crystalcitymo.org/?c=cost-of-zithromax-without-insurance Here’s  a roundup of some of our favourite pictures from recent takeover and (above) a map showing where our account has travelled to.


source @jakekenny & @katyabukanova / France & Finland


amoxil interactions with other antibiotics @louiseoates / Iceland

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@lukeandnik & @annarosejay / Cameroon & Cornwall


@stephenjacuss / Panama


@latentimage & @louisoates / Saranac Lake & Iceland


@matildahilljenkins & @roslynjulia / Croatia & Toronto

@hayleyniathomasphoto / Bolivia

@visionsofjoanna_ & @scarletevans / Yosemite & LA

@jamieallanshaw & @maryavocado / Morocco & Tokyo

@jakekenny & @lukeandnik / France & Greece

If you would like to takeover our feed and are heading on a journey then get in touch and lets us know hello@wanderingbears.co.uk